Eco-activists and representatives of NGOs continue their action on the Shusha-Lachyn road in protest against the illegal exploitation of mineral deposits, especially the Kyzylbulag gold and Demirli copper-molybdenum deposits in the areas under the temporary control of Russian peacekeepers.

An employee of APA sent to Shusha reports that the participants of the action are chanting slogans against ecological terrorism, illegal exploitation of deposits, and are demanding a meeting with the commander of the Russian peacekeepers, Andrey Volkov.

Armenia and pro-Armenian circles are spreading fake information that Azerbaijan allegedly blocked the road at the place where the action was held.

However, there is no question of blocking the road here, emergency vehicles and civilians can pass freely.

The road was blocked by Russian peacekeepers.

The demands and wishes of the Azerbaijani civil society and public representatives gathered here are clear and completely non-political in nature.

The Azerbaijani public is against the illegal transportation of goods through this road and the places under the temporary control of Russian peacekeepers, the remnants of the Armenian army, which have not yet been expelled from the area, illegal armed groups, those who loot Azerbaijan's natural resources in collusion with them, and those engaged in illegal exploitation.

The state and public of Azerbaijan will not turn a blind eye to the arbitrariness happening on its sovereign territory against those who commit such illegal actions.

Those who violate their obligations and create a show out of a natural reaction think that they can evade responsibility by spreading various fake information and change the subject precisely because they have been exposed.

All these attempts are in vain.

The Azerbaijani public has expressed its firm position.

Full conditions should be created for the monitoring group of the state institutions of Azerbaijan to work in the area.