Democratic Progressive Party candidate Wu Yinong held a press conference on the 13th to express his personal defense politics.

(Photo by reporter Liao Zhenhui)

[Reporter Yang Xinhui/Taipei Report] The Kuomintang Central Committee held a press conference yesterday, questioning the magnificent Taiwan Alliance, which is chaired by DPP Taipei City Legislative by-election candidate Wu Yinong, and applied to the Ministry of the Interior for "public solicitation" with the "backup plan"690 10,000 yuan, of which 4.42 million yuan was used for publicity, which is suspected of "fake public welfare, real campaign"; Wu Yinong said that this is not true and seriously hurt the magnificent Taiwan Alliance. I ask the alliance team to think and judge relevant legal methods to protect rights and interests And reputation, "If you insist on smearing, I will be fine."

Wu Yinong said that seeing the country is facing various security challenges, everyone wants to do their part to take care of their homes and communities. In addition to the efforts of the national army, the preparations of the people are also very important. This is why in the past few years, a non-governmental organization in Taiwan has grown , NGOs spend so much effort, and the whole team promotes social resilience and civil defense.

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Wu Yinong explained that during this period of time, classes have been held from north to south to provide training, so that as long as more people are willing to protect their homes and contribute to their communities, the short 3-hour training includes training in trauma first aid, search and rescue, fire fighting, and refuge management. It is neither partisan nor political.

Wu Yinong lamented that for an election today, the other party can keep holding press conferences to attack such civil efforts. In order to make Taiwan better and society safer, he regrets such attacks. Let civil society groups continue to do work that is helpful to Taiwan."

In response to being accused of using the Magnificent Taiwan Alliance’s funds for campaigning, Wu Yinong emphasized that it is not true at all, and it has seriously hurt the Magnificent Taiwan Alliance. The team of the alliance has been asked to think about and judge relevant legal methods to protect rights and reputation. He must reiterate that the team members It is separate, and the funds are also separate.

Wu Yinong said that he was most moved by the fact that in the past few years, many people regardless of party affiliation have joined the Magnificent Taiwan Alliance. He was most moved by the scene where young parents brought their 9-year-old children, retired grandpas and grandmas trained with young people, and expressed their support for this concept through concrete actions.

As for the alliance donation, Wu Yinong pointed out that the Encouraging Fund was actually established at the end of October, and there has been no public fundraising since the end of October. The current fundraising amount is 70,000 yuan. He reiterated that the Kuomintang held a press conference yesterday to seriously discredit the work that the backing plan has done for many years. He felt it was very unreasonable and unfair.

Wu Yinong said that the team of the Magnificent Taiwan Alliance has no chance to defend itself. Only he, as the chairman, has the opportunity to explain to everyone here, and hopes that all political operations of everyone, "If you insist on smearing, please limit it to me ".