Military expert Oleg Zhdanov believes that Ukraine has enough strength and means to defend Bakhmut.

He announced this on his YouTube channel.

"We will defend Bakhmut. But they (the military command of the Russian Federation. - Ed.) will drive the Russians to the last. That's how many Russian soldiers there are in this direction, they will drive them. Until the resource runs out, or those who are driven to certain death do not rebel This is the whole essence of the Russian army: it doesn't matter what the losses are, the main thing is to complete the task. Which is what they are trying to do, but so far without success. I think that the defense of Bakhmut will be won by us," Zhdanov believes.

The situation in Bakhmut: the latest news

It will be recalled that near Bakhmut, fierce battles have been going on every day for several months.

Earlier, Oleg Zhdanov explained that Russian propaganda plans to show Zhdanov's occupation of Ukrainian Bakhmut as if it was the "capture" of Berlin during the Second World War. Putin needs such a victory for a new wave of mobilization.

The Armed Forces reacted to the information spread in the media, whether the 93rd brigade is really leaving Bakhmut.

Expert Oleksandr Musienko explained why Putin is destroying thousands of mobilized Russians near Bakhmut and said that this direction is a saving grace for the occupiers.

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