The Security Service of Ukraine has established the identities of six Russian generals who participated in the planning, preparation and conduct of the offensive on the eastern front of Ukraine and gave orders to Russian troops to "break through" the state border of Ukraine and storm the settlements of the Kharkiv



This was reported by the SBU press service.

The Russians also contributed to the creation of occupation administrations of the Russian Federation during the temporary occupation of part of the region.

Thus, the suspicion was reported to Major-General T.M. Trubienko, Lieutenant-General A.S. Ivanayev;

to Major General A.Yu Pyataev;

to Major General M.A. Tereshchenko;

to Major General O.V. Avdeev;

Major General Sleptsov V.V.

The Security Service carries out further comprehensive measures to bring the occupiers to justice for crimes against Ukraine.

It will be recalled that

the SBU neutralized an extensive Russian intelligence network that aimed rockets at schools and maternity hospitals in Donetsk region.

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