Experts call nuclear weapons Russia's last trump card, but it is unlikely that the Kremlin will resort to such a radical method.

Military expert and reserve colonel Roman Svitan told about it, "Glavred" reports.

"The probability of this is zero. (...) The use of nuclear weapons by any of the members of the "nuclear club" will lead to the fact that there will be a lot of states that want to have nuclear weapons and have the ability to produce them," he said.

According to Svitan, the countries that are part of the "nuclear club" will not allow Russia to use nuclear weapons because they understand that they will not be such a closed community after that.

That is why the Russian Federation will not use nuclear weapons.

Also, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi previously stated that Putin is too afraid of death to take risks with nuclear weapons.

Earlier, the head of the Kremlin said that the Russian Federation could launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

There is an opinion that a dictator can really dare to use nuclear weapons. 

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