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Between 20 and 25 percent of children in our country have one or two parents who live or work permanently abroad.

Among Roma families, their percentage increases to 37 percent.

The data is expert, but unofficial, and was reported during a forum on the problems of children of labor migrants, organized by Ombudsman Diana Kovacheva

Diana Kovacheva was born in Sofia in 1975. She graduated in law from Sofia University "St. Kliment" and the program of the Council of Europe and the European Commission Romact. 

"Every fourth child in our country is a Viber child, as they contact their parents only through the application in question. These are children who are out of state care, left to their grandparents, their extended family. To date, no it is known exactly how many children are victims of this problem, as there are no official statistics", commented the ombudsman Diana Kovacheva

Diana Kovacheva was born in Sofia in 1975. She graduated from the Sofia University "St. Kliment", quoted by BNR.

Deputy Denitsa Sacheva

Denitsa Sacheva was born on November 2, 1973 in the city of Sofia.

From 2017 to December 2019, the former social minister cites data from the Information System for the Mechanism for Reaching and Retaining Children in the Education System.

"In this Mechanism, more than 83,000 children are enrolled in the education system, and for the last school year - 39,653 children of the dropouts declared that they dropped out of the education system because their parents went abroad. There is no data on how many of these children they left together with their parents," Sacheva specified. 

The social commission decided to tie the allowance for raising a child from 1 to 2 years old to the amount of the minimum wage

Diana Kovacheva

Denitsa Sacheva