The Russian army is trying to advance on Bakhmut in small groups, "gnawing through" the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The occupiers throw untrained soldiers into battle, regardless of losses.

This was told by military expert

Serhiy Grabskyi

during a telethon broadcast on the TSN YouTube channel.

"On the Bakhmut direction, we are currently observing the most difficult situation.

The enemy is desperately trying to move forward, they are changing tactics, using small groups so that those groups infiltrate between the combat formations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, entrench themselves, push us out

. We also continue to observe increased artillery fire and fire of rocket systems of salvo fire," he said.

According to the military expert, the situation is extremely difficult:


The enemy is gnawing at our defenses, we repulse most of the attacks, inflicting very serious losses on him, but they do not count with these losses, they still try stubbornly to climb forward to capture what was once called Bakhmut. They are turning our cities and villages with artillery

fire on a pile of rubble".

As Grabsky noted, Russia's task today is to gain a foothold and prevent Ukrainian troops from breaking through:

"This is one of the elements of hostilities, albeit very bloody and even sadistic, first of all in relation to their own forces. Thus, by sending poorly trained units of private military companies, or the so-called "LPR-DPR", the enemy tries to bind our forces

, because we have to react to it, with the aim of preventing the movement and concentration of our forces in other directions

. He is trying in such a bloody way to delay our preparations for the offensive, to delay the concentration of our troops and forces in other directions. And certainly to show some kind of victory for its internal consumption, for its population".

It will be recalled that the President of Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskyi

said on December 9 that the Russians turned Bakhmut into burnt ruins.

The situation at the front remains very difficult in key directions in Donbas.

Previously, a military expert, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

Petro Chernyk

 told why the occupiers continue their offensive in the Bakhmut direction, despite serious losses.

The expert explained the importance of Bakhmut for Russians with three reasons.

 Andrii Illenko,

an officer of the Svoboda battalion

 , said that near Bakhmut, the occupiers are trying to conduct assaults day and night. 

"There may be an hour or two of a relative break, and then the battle will resume. The enemy is trying to storm our positions with infantry... Everything is littered with enemy corpses. The situation is serious, fierce battles continue," the officer reported.

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