The northern beach of Sydney, Australia held a Christmas concert a few days ago. Unexpectedly, the fireworks released by the organizer suddenly rushed into the crowd. Many people ran away screaming. An 11-year-old boy suffered burns on his chest and is currently in hospital for treatment.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A Christmas concert was held on a beach in the northern part of Sydney, Australia. During the event, several fireworks were launched. Unexpectedly, the fireworks rushed to the crowd. An 11-year-old boy was shot in the chest by the fireworks. An 8-year-old girl also suffered a broken wrist.

The police are still investigating the case, and the organizer also apologized to the victims.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, on the evening of the 10th local time in Australia, the beach "Allambie Heights Oval" in the north of Sydney held a Christmas celebration concert. During the event, the fireworks released by the organizer suddenly turned and rushed into the crowd. An 11-year-old boy Tong's chest was burned by fireworks.

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When firefighters and ambulances arrived at the scene, they immediately treated the injured who were burned by the fireworks. Witnesses revealed to the media that when the fireworks started shooting at the crowd, he and his son stood at the front. Children and adults fled the scene screaming."

It is reported that the boy is undergoing burns and plastic surgery at the Children's Hospital. The whole case is still under investigation. The event organizer and the fireworks company are very sorry for all this, and they are also very worried about the victim's injuries.


9:45pm 11 December: Some rogue fireworks launched into the crowd at the carols at Allambie Heights Oval this evening just after 9pm.

We understand it was aa group of young people.

— Manly Observer (@ManlyObserver) December 11, 2022

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