The Security Service of Ukraine

has neutralized an extensive Russian spy network that aimed rockets at schools and maternity homes

in Donetsk region.

The perpetrators

gathered intelligence about the deployment and movement of units of the Defense Forces

in the territory of Bakhmut and Toretsk, the SBU reported.

They also

gave the enemy the locations of electrical substations and social facilities, including schools, maternity homes, and student dormitories


The occupiers planned to use the information they received

to prepare and carry out targeted missile strikes

on Ukrainian cities.

Photo: SBU

Among the detainees are three local women

who were recruited by the Russian-controlled MDB "DPR" after the start of the full-scale invasion. They

received Russian passports, which they planned to use to travel to Russia

in the event of successful completion of enemy missions.

In order to gather intelligence, the agents

personally went around the territory of populated areas and made marks on electronic maps


Then the received

information was passed on to their "liaison"

, who is in the temporarily captured Horlivka.

And he already

reported to the curator of the agency network

She turned out to be

the deputy head of the local "MDB "DPR" under the control of the Russian Federation

. For communication, they used an anonymous Internet communication channel. Through it, the agents

sent the coordinates of Ukrainian objects

with photos, videos and a detailed description.


informed the three defendants of the suspicion

under Part 2 of Art.

111 (treason committed under martial law) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The court chose a preventive measure in the form of



Photo: SBU

Photo: SBU

Photo: SBU

Photo: SBU

Photo: SBU

Photo: SBU

Photo: SBU

We will remind you that the Security Service of Ukraine

exposed a collaborator in the Mykolaiv Oblast


During the occupation of Snigurivka, the man helped the occupiers "make money" by selling Ukrainian property looted by the occupiers.

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