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Illegal migrants attacked gendarmerie officers with stones on the Trakia highway near the Trajanovi vrata tunnel, reports the OD of the Ministry of the Interior-Sofia. 

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Migrant crisis 853

This happened this morning. 

The bus of migrants crashed on the highway by leaving the roadway.

At the same time, the law enforcement officers went to the bus to determine if there were any injuries.

Migrants started pelting the police with stones, and the law enforcement officers fired several warning shots with stop cartridges.

Six illegal migrants were taken off the Burgas-Sofia train

One of the perpetrators was injured, with a superficial wound in the flank area, without danger to life.

He was given medical attention. 

Two were detained for up to 24 hours.

Police teams are conducting patrols in the area with a view to identifying others involved in the case.

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