Crimea can be made unsuitable for Russian troops without entering the peninsula.

On December 12, the adviser of the Office of the President, Oleksiy Arestovych, said this during a conversation with Russian human rights defender Mark Feigin.

"The Khymars will "sweep" them (the Russian occupiers - ed.) like this... having come to the appropriate distance... It will be the same as with the Kherson region. There will be hundreds and thousands of dead from rocket attacks, interrupted water supply, impossibility of movement along to the Crimean bridge... By not entering there (the peninsula - ed.), this is to make it so that they (the Russian occupiers - ed.) will have nothing to eat and in the end, as with Kherson, they will make a "difficult decision" - Arestovych noted.

Let's add that Ukraine's victory over Russia can also happen during the rule of the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin.

This opinion was expressed by military expert and reserve colonel Roman Svitan.

Svitan also spoke about the military arsenal of the occupiers.

The expert also believes that Crimea will become a continuous zone of hostilities, since the Russians will not return Ukrainian territory just like that.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Russia keeps 13 ships on combat duty in the Black Sea.

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