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The reason for the next post of the actress Diana Dimitrova in the case of harassment imposed on her 5 years ago is an interview of her colleague Vladimir Karamazov on radio "Focus". 

"Should there be a scandal and I intervene without knowing at all what is happening there? Well more or less, not more or less, I know what happened in this conflict, even in essence, and I can say that things are not at all are as this actress calls them," Karamazov said during the conversation. 

"From the interview, I got the impression that this actor began to stutter and choke on his words after my name was mentioned. And to the question of the journalist, ``After 5 years?'', I leave it to you to judge what the exclamation means "Ah..." and what claim to erudition does he have (in my opinion, the shepherds called the sheep in a similar way)", wrote Dimitrova on Facebook. 

The two actors had exchanged "three lines each outside the scenes" that they filmed.

According to the actress, during the filming of the series "Stolen Life" in 2017, when the incident in question took place, Karamazov was not part of the team.

"He must have been monitoring my phone... or flashing me without me knowing," she added.

Vlado Karamazov gives up the acting profession

"P.S. I'm sorry that you're giving up the acting profession, but I think it's not a big loss," added Dimitrova. 

Recently, the actress published on her Facebook profile photos from 5 years ago, on which traces of physical abuse can be seen.

The most frequently conjugated name so far is that of the actor Julian Vergov.

Diana Dimitrova: I'll see you in front of Themis

However, this is still only an undefended thesis, because there is no evidence pointing to his guilt at this stage.

And the scandal became an occasion for her to be called a "political pawn, whore, mentally ill".

Diana Dimitrova

Vladimir Karamazov