After the defeat of the Russian Federation at the tribunal, not the dictator Putin, but his double, may be responsible for crimes against Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by a military expert, reserve colonel Roman Svitan, in an interview with the "Glavred" publication.

The expert suggests that China and its leader Xi Jinping will save Putin.

"Maybe he won't accept him, but at least he will cover him. In this world, it is not customary to destroy heads of state. The maximum that awaits Putin is a trial," he believes.

Svitan suggests that it is not Putin who will appear before the court, but his double.

"Most likely, there will be an operation to close him down. Putin is an FSB officer, and he knows very well how close operations are carried out. Therefore, most likely, he will be covered in some way, either before the court, or there will be an explosion without certain body parts. Some kind of mechanism will be involved. But I do not think that the fate of Gaddafi and others awaits Putin. He will leave, he will be able to leave," he concluded.

Putin's doubles: what is known

Earlier, the head of the main intelligence department, Kyrylo Budanov, said that Putin could be replaced by doubles.

According to him, the dictator has at least three doubles.

The so-called table of doubles of the Russian president is even distributed on the Internet.

It contains all "versions" of Putin, including: "talkative", "Udmurt", "diplomat", "banquet".

Possible doubles can change depending on which event the dictator has to appear at.

Dmytro Popov, candidate of psychological sciences, who has been watching the Kremlin dictator for a long time, generally believes that the real Putin disappeared from the screens during his second presidential term - the years 2004-2008.

In his opinion, there are three "Putins", and earlier there were 6 in total.

At the same time, the ex-deputy head of the SBU Viktor Yagun does not support this opinion and believes that there is a maximum of one doppelgänger.

After all, it is very difficult to prepare doppelgangers.

Russian human rights activist and blogger Mark Feigin, on the other hand, suggested that Putin has operative doubles in case of an assassination attempt.

But the president of the Russian Federation does not release doppelgangers for international events.

The ex-head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, General Mykola Malomuzh explained when a double appears instead of Putin.

According to him, the dictator is afraid of assassination attempts, and therefore, at mass events where there are many people, Putin's doubles perform instead.

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