The health bureau inspected the hot pot ingredients and found that the coriander herbicide, the herbicide, had exceeded the standard.

(Photo provided by Beishi Health Bureau)

[Reporter Cai Sipei/Taipei Report] Winter is a good time to eat hot pot. The Taipei City Health Bureau announced the inspection results of hot pot ingredients today, and found that 4 pieces of vegetables and 1 piece of tofu did not meet the regulations. Well-known hot pot restaurants such as Laowang, Haidilao, and Laosichuan were on the list .

The Health Bureau has requested that the sampling site remove the product from the shelves and not sell it.

The health bureau inspected 55 products this time, including 15 vegetables, 9 duck blood, and 31 processed hot pot ingredients. The inspection items included preservatives, fungicides, bleaches, colorants, animal ingredients, and pesticide residues.

The inspection found that the tofu benzoic acid in Bahai Shichao’s contemporary pot products exceeded the standard; the Qingjiang cabbage insecticide fipronil, fipronil metabolites, and Bailipifen in Laowang’s Qingjiang vegetable exceeded the standard; The insecticide and fungicide saflufen exceeded the standard; the white radish insecticide fipronil and fipronil metabolites in Haidilao Hotpot Jingzhan store exceeded the standard;

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The Health Bureau stated that the pesticide residues detected in the vegetables did not meet the "Pesticide Residue Allowance Standard" and violated the provisions of Article 15, Item 1, Subparagraph 5 of the Food Safety and Sanitation Management Law "The content of residual pesticides or animal drugs exceeds the safe allowable amount" and may be punished. Operators are fined between 60,000 yuan and 200 million yuan.

The test results of tofu (vegetarian) containing the preservative benzoic acid do not comply with the regulations, violating the provisions of Article 18 of the Food Safety and Sanitation Management Law, and can be fined more than 30,000 yuan and less than 3 million yuan.

The Health Bureau reminds the public to give priority to buying seasonal fruits and vegetables. Before eating or cooking fruits and vegetables, first rinse the roots or stems of fruits and vegetables with running water, then soak them in water for 10 to 20 minutes, and then rinse them with running tap water 2 to 3 times. Open the pot cover when cleaning to reduce and reduce pesticide residues.