On the highway in Poland, near the checkpoint in Korchova, an accident occurred, in which Ukrainians were injured, including children and pregnant women.

This is reported on the website of the Subcarpathian Police.

It is known that 5 cars were involved in the accident.

Previously, the 56-year-old BMW driver lost control on the snowy road, hit the protective barriers and flew into the Hyundai. 

An Audi car was driving behind the BMW, which also did not adjust the safe distance and drove into the right lane, where it crashed into the Volvo and Kia parked there.

As a result of the accident, three Hyundai passengers were injured.

Among them are two pregnant women and a 15-month-old child.

One of the pregnant women was trapped in a car.

The victim was removed from the cabin using hydraulic shears.

In addition to these three wounded, who were hospitalized, a woman and a 7-year-old child who were traveling in a Hyundai were also taken to the hospital.

All victims are citizens of Ukraine.

The police report that the drivers were drunk.

The A4 highway in the direction of the crossing was completely closed for several hours.

The exact causes and circumstances of the event are established by the investigation. 

It should be noted that bad weather is raging in Poland at the moment - it has snowed, and the temperature is minus.

Drivers are urged to be careful and attentive.

We will remind, earlier in Poland, in the city of Yablonka,

a Ukrainian almost died of hypothermia.

Law enforcement officers provided first aid to the man and sent him to the hospital.

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