December 10, 2022 - Saturday.

290th day of the war in Ukraine.

What a church holiday today, December 10

Also, December 10 in the church calendar is

the day of memory of St. Roman


Almost all his life he lived as a hermit in the Syrian desert, eating only bread and water.

It was believed that his prayers could cure any disease.

Among the people, Saint Roman is called the patron saint of pregnant women.

That is why women pray to him for infertility.

What can not be done on this day

  • On December 10, they try not to let poor, infirm and unfortunate people into the house, because then you will have poor people and diseases.

  • Do not sew or knit, because otherwise the heat in the house can be sewn up.

Folk signs and traditions of December 10

Among our ancestors there were many interesting omens for this day:

  • looked at what day it is today: if the sun is very bright, there will be wind;

  • On December 10, the smoke from the furnace will spread over the ground - there will be a thaw;

  • if the smoke goes up the column, frost will come soon;

  • cows snort and snort - soon it will get colder;

  • sparrows are chirping in unison - expect warmth.

On December 10, sparrows chirp in unison - expect warmth / Photo: Pexels

In the people, December 10 was often called "Winter Sign", "Day of Novels", "Roman", "Day of Households".

On this day, one must pray to Saint Roman, especially if a woman could not get pregnant.

In the morning, they tried to face the north wind, then for a moment all the sorrows and troubles.

If you look closely at the starry sky, clouds, and the flight of birds, you can find out what the weather will be like.

Weather forecast for today, December 10

Today, December 10, the weather is cloudy in Kyiv, heavy rain in the morning, which will subside by the evening.

It is gloomy in Lviv, it will rain heavily at night, the rain should weaken in the morning, and end by the middle of the day.

It is cloudy in Kharkiv, light rain at night, which will end by morning, but will start again in the middle of the day.

In Odesa, it is cloudy with clearings, without precipitation.

The air temperature in Kyiv is +4 during the day and +1 at night.

In Lviv +3 during the day and around 0 at night.

In Kharkiv +5 during the day and +1 at night.

In Odesa, it is +11 during the day and +9 at night.

Commemorative dates of December 10

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world for December 10:

  • 1520 - Martin Luther publicly burns the papal bull Exsurge Domine excommunicating him from the church in Wittenberg;

  • 1637 – Cossack troops led by Pavel But near Borovytsia are defeated by the Poles;

  • 1684 - Edmond Halley reads at a meeting of the Royal Society the work of Isaac Newton, in which Kepler's laws were derived on the basis of the theory of gravitation;

  • 1768 - the Royal Academy of Arts, the most influential and authoritative Association of artists of Great Britain, was founded in Great Britain;

  • 1817 - Mississippi becomes the 20th US state;

  • 1901 - the first Nobel Prizes were awarded in Stockholm;

  • 1948 - the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

  • 1949 - during a large-scale campaign to remove qualified Ukrainian workers from academic institutions, historian and archeographer Yaroslav Dashkevich was arrested on charges of "anti-Soviet activity";

  • 1953 - the first issue of Playboy magazine is published;

  • 1981 - The New England Journal of Medicine published a note on a new disease that killed 95 people, mostly among homosexuals, later to be called "acquired immunodeficiency syndrome" (AIDS);

  • 1999 - The Panama Canal comes under the jurisdiction of Panama (previously owned by the United States).

Name day: how to name a child born on December 10

What are the names today:

Vasyl, Oleksiy, Andriy, Boris, Gavrilo, Vsevolod, Volodymyr, Mykola, Ivan, Dmytro, Fedir, Sergey, Roman, Yakiv.

The talisman of people born on December 10 is



In Persia, where turquoise was mined, it was called "firuze", which meant "lucky stone".

It is considered a lucky stone that brings only positive emotions to its owner.

Born on this day:

  • 1815 - the first female programmer, mathematician, Ada Lovelace;

  • 1820 - Oleksa Bakhmatyuk, a folk craftswoman of artistic ceramics;

  • 1838 - Ukrainian pharmacologist, physiologist, biochemist Oleksandr Danylevsky;

  • 1875 - Ukrainian composer Danylo Rozdolskyi;

  • 1886 - Ukrainian writer Iryna Nevytska in Slovakia;

  • 1892 - Ukrainian sculptor and teacher Max Gelman;

  • 1940 - Mykola Katspal, Ukrainian conductor, laureate of the Shevchenko Prize.

What a day today is in Ukraine and the world

World Football Day is celebrated annually on December 10 / Photo: Pexels

World Football Day

is celebrated annually on December 10


The holiday was established by the UN General Assembly.

Thanks to this day, all fans, amateurs and athletes can honor their favorite sport.

Such a team game as football has a rather interesting history.

The game with the ball existed in China as early as the III-II centuries BC.

The main goal was to hit the net, which was fixed on bamboo poles.

Similar options also existed among the Egyptians and Greeks.

However, England is considered the real homeland of football.

There is even documentary evidence dating back to 1170.

It describes young people gathering on the field to play ball.

The game became so popular that it posed a real problem for King Edward II.

In the 1300s, the country was preparing for war with Scotland, but the soldiers did not practice archery, but played football.

The king had no choice but to ban this game for a while.

Over time, football spread and became quite popular among representatives of the working class.

During the game, people not only rested, but also could communicate.

However, then the matches were not quite civilized.

The rules were unclear and there were no referees on the field, so fights often occurred.

In the 18th century, football became popular not only among the working class.

Students of higher educational institutions are starting to play it.

It was at Cambridge University in 1848 that the first rules were established.

It is interesting that some of them are still valid today.

In 1863, the first Football Association was created in England.

December 10 -

Human Rights Day


The official holiday was declared in 1950 at the initiative of the United Nations.

The date was adopted in honor of the adoption in Paris in 1958 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This is an international act according to which every person has equal rights to freedom and is responsible before this law.

On December 10, the whole world celebrates

Nobel Day


This date was timed to the death of Alfred Nobel, who was an outstanding chemist, engineer, inventor, and writer.

It was he who invented dynamite and many other things.

Nobel left his entire inheritance (31.5 million Swedish kroner) to finance the international prize for achievements in physics, chemistry, physiology, medicine, peace, economics and literature.

International Animal Rights Day

is celebrated on December 10


The holiday was introduced by the UN General Assembly in 1998.

The date was not chosen by chance, because it was on this day that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted.

And this holiday should emphasize that animals have the same rights as humans.

On this day, everyone who stands up for the protection of our smaller brothers unites.

The purpose of the holiday is to draw attention to moral and ethical problems related to animals.

On December 10 , the International Day of Actions for the Adoption of the Declaration of Animal Rights

, or the International Day of Animal Rights,

is held all over the world .

It was adopted on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights in 1998.

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