Grant, a well-known American football reporter, was detained for 30 minutes wearing a rainbow T-shirt at the World Cup in Qatar. Unexpectedly, he died strangely on the 9th local time.

(Picture taken from Grant Wahl Twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Grant Wahl, a former writer of the American "Sports Illustrated" and a well-known football reporter who runs a news platform on Substack, was detained for 30 minutes wearing a rainbow T-shirt at the World Cup in Qatar at the end of November. Unexpectedly, on the 9th local time, he was reported to have died mysteriously while reporting on the quarter-final match between Argentina and the Netherlands. His family members believed that the Qatari government might be involved.

According to the "New York Post" report, Grant's brother Eric (Eric Wahl) revealed that he is gay, and Grant wore a rainbow T for him at the World Cup in Qatar.

Eric said that Grant has always been healthy, but he received death threats after the rainbow T-shirt incident, so he suspected that Grant was killed and hoped that the outside world could provide help.

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Eric said they received news that Grant fell to the ground at the stadium, received CPR first aid, was taken to the hospital by Uber, and eventually died.

It is understood that Grant revealed on the Podcast on the 8th that he had bronchitis and had been to the doctor twice this week, but his condition has improved.

Grant's wife is CĂ©line R. Gounder, a well-known American infectious disease physician. She has joined the Wuhan pneumonia advisory transition team of the Biden administration. She has informed White House chief of staff Ron Klain of her husband's death. Eric is also in constant contact with the U.S. State Department.