"Dabai" (epidemic prevention staff) suspected of breaking into the homes of female people and wanted to take them to quarantine.

(Photo taken from Weibo)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Recently, a video was circulated on Twitter and the Chinese social platform Weibo. In the video, several "Dabai" (epidemic prevention workers) suspected of breaking into the homes of women and wanted to take them to quarantine. They did not show In spite of the woman’s pleading that she was wearing underwear, she forcibly arrested her. The video aroused strong dissatisfaction among Chinese netizens, who angrily criticized Dabai’s behavior as too bad.

It can be seen from the video that several Dabai suspects kicked open the door of the woman's house. The woman asked them to "stay away from me" and "can't come in now." Dabai stood at the door and asked her to collect things. At this time, a Dabai broke into the woman's house directly, and said bad words to the woman: "Don't talk so much nonsense."

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The woman continued to express that she wanted to know Dabai's identity, but Dabai kept jumping the needle and asked, "Do you accept (things)?" At this time, the woman complained: "You are coming in like this, I am wearing underwear", but the camera saw Dabai kept approaching the woman, and the woman said in horror: "Don't touch me", Dabai still choked, "I'll just touch you", and then he did it to the woman.

This video sparked discussions on Twitter and Weibo. Chinese netizens were quite angry, saying that Dabai had changed from an "angel in white" to a "white impermanence". They all demanded that Dabai must show his identity when he acted. It doesn't cost much money, I'm afraid people with good intentions will use it to defraud and do evil.

However, some netizens questioned the authenticity of the video, thinking that if it was true, the relevant personnel could not have deleted the video from the woman's mobile phone.

The woman only wore underwear at home, but Dabai forcibly broke in and dragged her away.

They completely ignored the woman's request to show her ID.

In fact, they have always been demons. As for the angels in white, they are just fooled by the party media.


— Liberal Democracy (@qfxafgnaBwCnHjV) December 6, 2022