Russian President

Vladimir Putin

plays the role of "arbiter of truth" to control the popularity of military bloggers, while addressing them with criticism of Russian security agencies. 

This is stated in the ISW report, which was published today, December 10.

"Putin is probably trying to maintain the position he has tried to take throughout his administration: the president is aware of all of Russia's problems, but does not bear direct responsibility for them. Putin has long called the Russian Ministry of Defense a "scapegoat" for its failures, but the quasi-official community of military bloggers can pose a threat to his feigned ignorance of the problems. Putin remains in a difficult position in which he relies on the support of the nationalist community to rally support for his war in Ukraine," analysts said.

Earlier, the Russian opposition leader

 Gennady Gudkov

 said that the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine only accelerates the collapse of Vladimir Putin.

"I have received information from the Kremlin entourage that Putin is generally confident in himself and has no hesitations or doubts. He says: "Why, everything is fine, time is working for us.

We are now destroying the infrastructure of Ukraine, we don't care how many people die.

The main thing is that we prolong the war and during this time destroy the infrastructure of Ukraine, they themselves will howl and crawl on their knees to ask for mercy and peace.

Unfortunately, all these calls from Scholz and Macron only strengthen his hope that he will win," Gudkov explained.

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