Russian president-dictator 

Vladimir Putin

uses calls for a negotiation process to isolate Ukraine from support from Western partners.

This is stated in a recent report by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

The Kremlin "Fuhrer" seeks to use any ceasefire and window for dialogue.

So he is trying to give his troops time to recover, depriving Ukraine of the initiative.

"However, a ceasefire agreement that will be reached quickly enough to allow Russian troops to rest and rearm this winter is extremely unlikely," the ISW emphasizes.

It is emphasized that it will take time to negotiate a lasting ceasefire in the entire theater of operations.

However, the aggressor Russia and Ukraine "are too far from each other for any such agreement."

"Apparently, Putin is inciting discussions about the ceasefire primarily as part of an information operation aimed at increasing the split between Ukraine and its supporters, portraying Kyiv as unwilling to talk," the analysts added.

It will be recalled that

 Putin dismissed the West's accusations.

He said, due to the actions of some Western elites, "the potential for conflict in the world is growing."

Instead, Russia and the war against Ukraine are of no use here.

The head of the Kremlin accused the Western countries of allegedly deliberately going towards "multiplying chaos and aggravating the international situation". 

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