Huang Hongcheng, Taiwan's Ah Cheng, the world's great man of fortune, the president of the world's great man of fortune, was lying on a yoga mat for a big rest at the speech presentation meeting.

(Provided by Chiayi City Government)

[Reporter Wang Shanyan/Report from Chiayi] Chiayi mayoral election will be held on December 18th. Five Chiayi mayoral candidates will release their political opinions on TV this morning and talk freely about their political ideas. Among them, the 15-character name is "Huang Hongcheng, President of Taiwan Acheng, the world's great man of wealth". Arrived in sports underwear and yoga pants, and performed yoga movements on the spot when expressing political views, including plank pose, tree pose, and downward dog pose.

The Election Committee of Chiayi City held a televised presentation of the 11th mayor re-election in Chiayi City at 9:00 a.m. this morning in the studio of Shixin Cable TV. Each person has 12 minutes for each round. There are 2 rounds in total. The check-in sequence was drawn by lottery, and the order of expressing political opinions was Li Junyu from the Democratic Progressive Party, Chen Taishan from the non-party, Zheng Kaisheng from the Kuomintang, Huang Minhui from the Kuomintang, and Huang Hongcheng, the president of the world's great man of wealth from the KMT.

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Li Junyu put forward the "Three Hearts and Two Arrows" political opinion, including subsidizing elders over 65 years old to wear dentures, elders over 75 years old subsidizing 10,000 yuan a year for medical examination fees, increasing maternity subsidies to 20,000 yuan, and arrows for transportation, industry, and development. The Chiayi Grand Station Project and the Light Rail Project will promote the existing Houhu Industrial Zone to become a smart medical biotechnology care park, and solve the problems of Chiayi City's slow economic development, loss of young people, and elder care.

Chen Taishan said that this is the third time he is running for mayor. He is running for mayor to save Taiwan. The overall national strategy should develop towards Taiwan's independence and resist China to protect Taiwan. In view of the large gap between the rich and the poor, Chiayi's municipal government wants to be old. The old and the old, the young and the young, and the young, so that the widows, widows, lonely, disabled and sick can all be supported.

Huang Minhui first pointed out that the achievements in the economy, construction, and transportation policies in the past four years have made Chiayi City's economy develop greatly, construction leap forward, and the crowds are strong. Put forward political opinions such as fighting for the intercity rail transportation system, expanding assistance to youth entrepreneurship, and building a brave generational city, so as to create a happy and progressive, future city of Chiayi.

Zheng Kaisheng, a former member of the Kuomintang, said that he is a child of Chiayi who was born and raised. He once worked in Hsinchu and was a tech nerd. He returned home due to his parents’ health. He found that Chiayi City’s development was stagnant and many problems had not been improved. Attract the mayor to pay attention to the voice of the citizens.

He put forward political opinions including inviting the Internet media and technology industry to establish a software science park, transforming many parks into theme parks, dredging ditches to prevent flooding, and re-planning road traffic.

"Huang Hongcheng Taiwan Ah Cheng World Great Man God of Wealth President" wears the God of Wealth costume for the second round, recommends chicken rice, scallion pancakes and other delicacies, and explains that he wears sports underwear to attend political speeches to advocate and promote sports ideas; he also asked Hon Hai founder Terry Gou Self-recommendation can be a partner for the election of the president, and finally adapted the song "China must be strong" and sang "Taiwan must be strong", calling on the folks to vote 4 to support him.

Huang Hongcheng, President of Taiwan Ah Cheng, the world's great man of wealth, is doing yoga on the spot when he attends a public political speech.

(Provided by Chiayi City Government)

Chiayi Mayor Election held a public political meeting today. Five mayor candidates, including Huang Hongcheng, President of Taiwan Ah Cheng, the world's great man of wealth (from left to right), Li Junyu, Chen Taishan, Huang Minhui, and Zheng Kaisheng, attended the meeting and talked freely about their political ideas.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shanyan)