Liu Shifang said bluntly that the chairpersons of the local county and city party committees have always been straightforward. They would not go to the central party headquarters to hold meetings and just grope their heads. Everyone sighed and said to move on.

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[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] The Democratic Progressive Party was defeated in the nine-in-one general election. The convener of the review team, Zheng Wencan, invited the chairmen of the party departments of various counties and cities to hold a review meeting yesterday.

In this regard, DPP legislator Liu Shifang said today (10th) that the review report missed the point. She also raised four key factors in the election defeat, questioning whether it is a storm in a teapot.

Zheng Wencan said yesterday that this is only the first review meeting, and that various opinions will be widely accepted in the future, hoping to make the ruling team and the future reform and development of party affairs closer to the local area and more in line with public opinion.

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In response to the review report of the DPP, Liu Shifang said bluntly through Facebook today that the first wave of local party headquarters surprisingly did not see the point. arrangement?"

Liu Shifang pointed out that the head committees of the local county and city party committees have the basis of public opinion and party opinion, and there are executives, judges, and cadres under them. They will speak directly when they have something to say. go forward.

Liu Shifang further questioned whether the chairman reminded the Central Party Committee that political officials did not assist in the auxiliary election?

There are frequent election bribery cases, and by opening gamblers, competitions, or large-scale temple fairs with a scale of 5 billion to 10 billion yuan, to cover up the truth of the votes and affect the election results, are there a large number of pro-green people involved?

Also because of this loss of votes for the green camp?

Liu Shifang said, secondly, in the past, the phenomenon of subsidizing votes from the south to the north, with a large number of auxiliary elections that focused on the north and despised the south, led to a cold election. The turnout rate that should have been set has not been raised?

Third, the big and small Green parties were unable to communicate effectively before the election, and in the end both sides suffered?

Fourth, the hen (candidate for county mayor) selectively helps the chick?

And because of this, the mayor and councilors are both losers?