The Ukrainian-Russian war continues, and Russia's friendship with Iran has aroused concerns in Britain, the United States and other countries.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The Ukrainian-Russian war continues to rage, Russia continues to look for military backup, and Iran has begun to cooperate with Russia to provide drones in exchange for future military technical guidance.

The National Security Council of the United States stated that Iran has become Russia's arsenal. If the relationship between the two countries warms up, it may affect the future situation in the Middle East and even the world.

According to a BBC report, Ukraine was hit by a drone bombing of a power plant in October, killing at least eight people.

Ukraine has pointed the finger at Iran in the conflict, accusing it of supplying Russian military weapons.

Initially denying any allegations, Iran has recently finally admitted that the drones were part of a handful supplied to Russia long before the Ukrainian-Russian war broke out.

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US National Security Council spokesman John (John Kirby) recently said that Russia is receiving unprecedented military support, and sources pointed out that the two countries are already considering joint production of deadly drones.

John believes that the cooperation between Iran and Russia will cause harm to Iran itself, Ukraine and its neighboring countries, and even the entire international community.

British Foreign Secretary James (James Cleverly) also believes that Iran has become one of Russia's arsenals, and in return Russia will guide Iran's military technology.

It is reported that Russia and Iran will jointly develop new weapons and cooperate in training troops. At the same time, Russia will provide Iran with more advanced helicopters and air defense systems.

This cooperation will bring considerable turbulence to the international situation in the future, especially affecting the security of the Middle East.