The cyber army has been one of the main offensive and defensive issues during elections in many countries in recent years.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The cyber army has been one of the main axes of offense and defense in elections in recent years.

Wang Hongen, an assistant professor of the Department of Political Science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, analyzed that after 2020, there will be a large number of special pages on Facebook run by Hong Kong cyber-army politicians and issues, and repost articles attacking the DPP and supporting the KMT. Up to one million, "This is a brand new foreign information manipulation attack after the 2020 presidential election." He believes that the only way to deal with this phenomenon is to acknowledge this phenomenon and carefully examine the information source to reduce the impact.

Wang Hongen wrote an article on the online article platform "Medium" and pointed out that after Taiwan's presidential election in 2020, there have been brand-new overseas information manipulation attacks. In this association, the operators of the association, who are also Hong Kong people, repost hundreds of articles every day attacking the DPP and supporting the KMT with pictures and words.

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Wang Hongen said that these offensives started in July 2020 and have not stopped until the local general elections in 2022. They have further continued to open new Facebook groups about Taiwanese political figures and attract and post pictures attacking the DPP. The behavior of the operators is deliberate. Gradually imitate the Taiwanese.

Wang Hongen gave an example. When President Tsai Ing-wen's second term began in May 2020, a group of Hong Kong managers founded the fan special "Korea Yu Iron Fan Support Group".

Facebook shows that the managers of the fanzhan are all from Hong Kong, and they continue to post until now, with nearly 8,000 followers; this fanzhan also established a "Korea Yu Iron Fan Support Group" whose name was changed to traditional Chinese characters in May 2020 , with as many as 13,000 followers.

According to the data, this association posted thousands of articles last month, mainly attacking the DPP, supporting the Kuomintang and the People’s Party. Most of the members are Taiwanese, so a group of Taiwanese are using Hong Kong people to run Facebook groups, including journalists and New Party politicians.

How to deal with such a phenomenon?

Wang Hongen said bluntly, "There is no way. There is no law to ban, no budget to check, and no judge to rule. And when overseas information manipulation may be part of the war, the only thing we can do is to keep reminding that there is overseas information manipulation. "He emphasized, "When everyone knows and admits that there is, and will make sure to check the source of information carefully, this is the only way to reduce overseas information manipulation, otherwise it will be an unequal confrontation."