China's epidemic policy has shifted, and the direction of the media has also changed.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] China launched the "New Ten Measures" to relax the epidemic control, and the trend of Chinese official media has also changed suddenly. Foreign media observed the content of Chinese official media reports and found that they changed from claiming that the epidemic is serious to emphasizing that the virus is not serious. Terrible, the result was ridiculed by the outside world.

"Voice of America" ​​reported that at the end of November, there were anti-clearing voices in various places in China. On December 7, the Chinese central government introduced ten new measures to relax control. In contrast, the Chinese state media "People's Daily" published on December 1 The article stated that some places are facing the most severe situation in the past three years of fighting the epidemic. On the same day, Xinhua News Review also stated that the number of infected people in China continues to increase and the spread of the epidemic is accelerating.

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But within a few days, "Xinhua Times Review" on December 5 began to talk about the weakening of the virus's pathogenicity and the popularization of vaccines, and said that the most difficult period had passed. On the 6th, CCTV said that the epidemic was very close to seasonal flu , preventable, controllable and curable.

James Zimmerman, former chairman of the China-US Chamber of Commerce, lamented that China’s official narrative in 2022 is a revisionist one, with the characteristics of downplaying, fabricating and forgetting, and the dissatisfaction brought about by zeroing will be buried.

A lot of satirical remarks appeared on the Internet, mocking the sudden change in the official position. Some netizens said that the change of tone this time is: "flexible scientific spirit, dynamic news conscience."

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