Legislative President You Xikun (right) attended the "Interpreting Archives and Writing History" seminar at the National History Museum today. Chen Yishen (left), director of the National History Museum, presented the "Report on the Experience of Investigating the Korean Presidential Library System in 2022".

(Photo by reporter Chen Zhengyu)

[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] The National Museum of History held the "Interpreting Archives and Writing History-National History Museum 2022 Academic Symposium" today (10th). Legislative President You Xikun delivered a speech saying that Taiwan should learn from history and recover the spirit of the ancestors, and also It is necessary to "go to the military plan" to make Chinese leader Xi Jinping realize that "Taiwan is difficult to swallow", and if it is hard to swallow, it will "choke" like Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The "Interpreting Archives and Writing History" seminar held by the National History Museum for two consecutive days debuted this morning. You Xikun was specially invited to give an opening speech, and Xu Xueji, a distinguished researcher and director of the Taiwan History Institute of the Academia Sinica, was invited to deliver "Patriotic Youth under Political Archives and Oral History" The keynote speech of "Lin Qingyun, the protagonist of the meeting".

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You Xikun said in his speech that democratic politics is public opinion, responsibility, and parliamentary politics. Congress is very important. Taiwan’s Democratic Congress was formally established on February 1, 1993. The representatives of public opinion elected in Taiwan officially reported to the Legislative Yuan on the same day. This is the new Congress. The anniversary of its founding will be its 30th anniversary next year, and the Legislative Yuan is expected to hold an exhibition on "Democratic Congress Memorial Day" on January 30 next year.

You Xikun believes that Taiwan should learn from history and regain the spirit of its ancestors, so as to cope with the "neighbors" who often invade and bully Taiwan.

Ukraine has a head of state, a national army, weapons and international support, and it has been praised for over a week in the Ukrainian-Russian War. Taiwan has survived for more than 5 months without these conditions of Ukraine during the period of resisting Japanese takeover. Taiwanese It's really amazing.

You Xikun also emphasized that Russia cannot swallow Ukraine now, leading to a sharp decline in national power.

Taiwan must "go to the military plan" and must let Xi Jinping realize that "Taiwan is difficult to swallow." If you swallow it hard, you will "choke" like Russian President Vladimir Putin, and China will not dare to come.

Chen Yishen, director of the National History Museum, said in his speech that he went to South Korea in August this year to investigate the presidential library system, which is similar to the "previous presidential libraries" advocated in China in recent years.

Like the United States, South Korea has a legal definition of "presidential archives", which is different from general government archives. Unlike my country's National History Museum, it cannot manage the presidential archives of the late former President Lee Teng-hui.

Chen Yishen said that South Korea has demonstrated the vigor of a modern democratic country through its presidential library system.

Behind these initiatives, of course, relevant legislation is needed.

After the speech, Chen Yishen also sent You Xikun a copy of "2022 Inspection Report on the Korean Presidential Library System".