Ke Wenzhe is about to leave office and is going to Singapore for "investigation and exchanges". He was criticized by Beishi Councilor Chen Yijun for wasting public funds to go abroad before leaving office.

(Photo by reporter Yang Xinhui)

[Reporter Yang Xinhui/Taipei Report] Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe is about to resign. Earlier this month, he went to Okinawa, Japan to promote the Easy Card and post-epidemic sightseeing. Now he is going to Singapore for "investigation and exchange". Let's go, Ke Wenzhe explained in an interview today that the itinerary was decided a year ago. Because Taipei's bilingual education and smart city have achieved great success, they learned from Singapore, and they should go to Singapore to ask their opinions on actual implementation.

Chen Yijun's criticism today is that he will step down from office, and the continuation of the policy has come to an end. It is obvious that the city government exchange is in the name of secret visits. What's more disgusting is that the city government's internal documents also require the heads of bureaus to concentrate on handing over In the end, Ke deceived the citizens of Taipei, sneaking around, wasting public money and going abroad.

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Ke Wenzhe explained in an interview at the urban space and civic participation case event this morning that the itinerary was planned a year ago, because Taipei City has achieved great success in bilingual education and smart cities by learning from Singapore. In the past one or two years Secretary-General Chen Zhiming and the other party have had a lot of video exchanges, including how to replicate the plan of Singapore's digital ambassadors. The two sides have talked many times on video.

Ke Wenzhe said that when you go to Singapore, you can call customers as you like, that is, to arrange the schedule for the other party. This time, several bureau chiefs and business executives will go. Since the policy is still continuing, the plan for the entire Taipei City will be drawn up, including the big data center. , E-government how to go on.

Ke Wenzhe pointed out that it took 28 years for Singapore to complete bilingual education. It is impossible for Taipei to spend such a long time, which is not in line with Taiwan's current situation. However, how to shorten it requires Singapore's actual implementation.