For 20 years, the "Library of Freedom" series saw the light of nine dozen publications about Belarusian politics, language, history, society, journalism, prison, health and much more.

We continue to introduce you to our publishing output.

By the way, every book is available in digital format.

The third letter to those who can read.

The country of heroes

We already explained the genesis of the book collection on the radio: you can't be Belarusian, live in Prague and not publish books - because that's what Franziska Skaryna from Prague did.

The section of our collection, dedicated to individuals whose heroic activity is for the sake of Belarus, its culture and freedom, is the largest and, of course, includes the personality of the first Belarusian printer.

And the point is not in which century the heroes are from, but in whether their deeds and words still influence our life and future.

This Saturday is dedicated to heroes and is opened by the newest book, dedicated to our friend, the hero of not only reports and interviews, but also one of the earlier books of "Libraries".

He should have received his Nobel Prize today, but the ceremony will take place without him, because he is in prison.

However, books are not a hindrance if friends open them - we invite you to meet Ales and other heroes in our "Library"!

Alexander Lukashuk, Librarian of Freedom


20th anniversary of "Library of Freedom".

Our guide to the Land of Poets

20th anniversary of "Library of Freedom".

Our guide to the Land of Time Travel

The country of heroes

"Ales Bialiatski on Freedom"

  • Ales Bialatsky at Svaboda (.pdf)

In his preface, the president-founder of the US National Endowment for Democracy,

Carl Gershman,

calls the hero of this book a man of hope for Belarus .

The voice of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, human rights defender, political prisoner Ales Bialiatskiy was heard on Radio Svaboda for several decades in defense of democratic values ​​in Belarus and the world.

It was an honor for us to publish this book before the Nobel Prize ceremony - today it is in Oslo, the capital of the Peace Prize.

"Bialyatski Case"

  • Bialiatski case (.pdf)

  • The Bialiatsky Case (Soundcloud)

This book is not so much about the criminal case No. 11081100188, according to which in 2011 Ales Bialiatski was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison, but about his life's work - the protection of civil and cultural human rights.


Valer Kalinovsky

spent dozens of hours at court hearings, collected a huge number of testimonies and documents to create the image of a human rights defender in an offensive movement.

Do you want to know how to become a Nobel Laureate - comprehensive instructions in "The Bialiatsky Case"!

"Bulls at Freedom"

  • Bulls on Liberty (.pdf)

This is the first book of the "Library", dedicated to the hero of our time, where the words of the great Belarusian writer and friend and author of Svaboda are collected.

It was published in two editions.

We loved Bykov and still feel his presence - his unforgettable words, quiet voice and discreet smile live in the "Library" - check it out!

"Bulls on Freedom".

Audio disc

  • Bykov on Svoboda.

    Audio CD (Soundscloud)

A collection of speeches by a classic of Belarusian literature on Radio Svaboda

"Vasyl Bykov.

It's a long way home."

Audio book

  • Long way home.

    Audio CD (Soundscloud)

The book sounds in the author's performance.

The recording was made in 2002 in Prague in the Radio Svaboda studio.

The duration of the sound is 6 hours and 22 minutes, the same numbers indicate the day and month of Vasyl Bykov's death - June 22...

"Svetlana Aleksievich on Freedom"

  • Aleksievich on Freedom (.pdf)

  • Aleksievich on Freedom (.pdf)

At first, the first ever Nobel laureate from Belarus was skeptical about the idea of ​​publishing her conversations with journalists, but she supported the publication when she saw that it was not only about her, but also about the country and the time.

Under one cover, thanks to the efforts of contributor Syarhei Naumchyk, materials that have been on the airwaves and published on the Radio Svaboda website for more than a decade and a half have been collected.

This book was also published in Russian.

"Svetlana Alexievich.

100 quotes on Freedom"

  • Svetlana Alexievich.

    100 quotes on Freedom (.pdf)

This book is made up of selected fragments of the Nabelist's oral statements.

This is the only "Library" book that was published in four languages: English, Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian.

Contributor Siarhei Naumchyk selected a hundred complete assessments, conclusions, and observations from many interviews, which showed the writer as a bright, deep and aphoristic philosopher.

You can not only get acquainted with the writer's thoughts, but also improve your knowledge of foreign languages ​​- a double benefit!

"Stanislav Shushkevich at Svaboda"

  • Stanislav Shushkevich at Svaboda (.pdf)

The man who first led independent Belarus and signed the agreement on the liquidation of the Soviet Union could not but be on Radio Svaboda.

The son of the enemy of the people, a talented physicist, scientist, brought to the forefront of world politics by the force of history, appears first of all as a sincere and intelligent person, a stranger to the ruling power and his own for supporters of democracy and freedom.

Meet the figure of Belarusian history!

"Kalinovsky on Freedom"

  • Kalinovsky on Freedom (.pdf)

The topic of Kastus Kalinowski on Radio Svaboda has turned from a few drops into a mighty river in 20 years.

Small and large events surrounding the name of the hero and his associates, the reaction of the authorities, the search for the place of Kalinowski and his uprising in Belarusian history contributed to this.

News, blogs, interviews, discussions, archival findings, conceptual essays — all of this has been compiled into a chronology, where the author's materials are interspersed with informative ones prepared by the Radio Svaboda news service.

"Unexpected Skin"

  • Unexpected Skin (.pdf)

A boy from Polotsk, a European traveler, an excellent student, a doctor of medical sciences, the first printer, an illustrator of his publications, a royal botanist - Francishak Skaryna, who was expected, a man of the Renaissance as a universal Belarusian of the future, appears under the pen of Syarhei



The essay in 25 parts provides a new perspective on the personality of the first printer and an unexpected understanding of his activity, work and close connections with the Italian Renaissance.

The author talks with Belarusian, Austrian, Italian, Polish, French and Czech scientists, who tell how they see Skorina's era today. A book of expected surprises - just like Skorina himself!

There will be a continuation

  • Alexander Lukashuk

    Radio Svaboda journalist