Winter maintenance has been ensured in the municipality of Troyan, announced at a press conference Eng.

According to him, winter maintenance and snow removal in the city is carried out by the municipal enterprise "Communal Services".

It has six machines, 140 tons of technical salt are provided for the anti-icing treatment of the street surface and pavement areas.

Contracts have been concluded with three companies and four farmers for the implementation of winter maintenance activities in populated areas.

The available technique is 12 pieces.

Exceptions are the Cherni Osam and Beli Osam town halls, where the mayors have available equipment and organize the snow removal activities in populated areas themselves.

For winter maintenance and snow removal of the municipal roads on the territory of Troyan municipality, a contract was concluded with the company "Pathpribor" OOD - Sofia.

It has five snow removal vehicles equipped with a snow plow and a sandblaster.

Anti-icing materials - sand and salt - are provided at the company's bases in Troyan, Berov Most and Dobrodan station.

The mayors and deputy mayors of the settlements are responsible for the maintenance of the municipal roads, explains BTA.

After they submit a signal of necessity, according to the requirements for the condition of the road, the contractor company is assigned to fulfill its obligations under the contract, added Rajkovski.

From October 1, Bulgaria remains without road maintenance


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