Russia has not attacked Ukraine with Iranian drones for a long time.

The Institute for the Study of War reported that they modified the drones for the cold season.

Does the Russian Federation have Iranian drones - military expert Serhii Zhdanov explained to

"No one has modernized anything. The fact is that any aircraft - a drone, an airplane - if it rises into the sky for at least a kilometer, then there are low temperatures. For them, there is no difference - it will be -30, it will be +30 "I think there are two options here - either another batch arrived from Iran, or the Russian Federation decided to use all of them - and the untouchable stock, in particular," the expert said.

We will remind:

 On the night of December 7, 

Russia attacked Ukraine with Iranian attack drones


Ukrainian defenders managed 14 drones.

By the way, the occupiers used the drones after a three-week pause.

Yuriy Ignat, the spokesman of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that Russian troops have not attacked Ukraine with Iranian

 kamikaze drones for more than three weeks,

 which may indicate the end of these devices.

According to Pentagon estimates,

 Iran handed over several hundred of its drones to Russia

 for the war against Ukraine.

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