City councilor Shu Cuiling believes that the vice president of the operating fund is a government appointment and should resign along with the mayor.

(Photo by reporter Xie Wuxiong)

[Reporter Xie Wuxiong/Taoyuan Report] The third mayor of Taoyuan will take office on the 25th. The chairman and general manager of Taoyuan Fruit and Vegetable Company will also cooperate with the general resignation, but whether the deputy general manager should also cooperate with the general resignation has aroused discussion among members of the Blue Camp, who think that they should resign together. Cooperating with the resignation still depends on internal regulations.

The Taoyuan City Council reviewed the budget of the operating funds (Taoyuan Aviation City, Taojie, and Taoyuan Fruit and Vegetable Company) today. KMT members Zhan Jiangcun, Shu Cuiling, and Huang Jingping criticized Taoyuan Aviation City and Taojie for raising many fat cats. Due to the mediocre nature of the compensation, Zhan Jiangcun named many of Taojie’s deputy general managers who were transferred from the green camp’s failed elections, and asked the deputy general managers to leave the stage together with the general manager and the chairman; Shu Cuiling also mentioned that the aviation city company has a similar situation, and now the government has changed. , these mediocre high-ranking officials should always advance and retreat with the mayor.

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Democratic Progressive Party member Li Guangda counterattacked, emphasizing that after the new city government team takes office on December 25, the same standard will be used to check whether the new city government is paid.

Lin Miaozhen said that the directors are basically representatives of the legal person (referring to the city government) and will be reappointed when the new chief takes office. , As for the deputy general manager, it depends on internal regulations. If it is a government appointment, it must be resigned at the same time, and it is not necessary to resign if it is an office appointment.

Qiu Sufen, chairman of Taoyuan Fruit and Vegetable Company, said that even the positions above the deputy general manager of the fruit and vegetable company are appointed as civil servants, so the positions above the deputy general manager and above will be resigned altogether; , the chairman and the general manager belong to government appointments, but the position of the general manager can be adjusted to an office appointment, and the deputy general manager is all an office appointment, so the deputy general manager does not have to resign, he will resign with the director of the bureau; Taoyuan Aviation City Company Chairman Chen Xizhen said that he and the general manager Xu Youming will cooperate with the general resignation, and the deputy general manager is not required to resign because of the appointment, but the deputy general manager Zeng Qianlong has expressed his intention to resign.