I would like to bring the legend of the Gordian knot of westerners.

tell me again

Just saw a new angle...one story telling

But the original frog chooses three types of masters.

Compromise, royal chariots come over, use wisdom to solve

Problems of the villagers' stomachs and military-style revolutions seizing power

(Decoding the mystery symbol Dr. Bancha Thanaboonsombat, documentary publisher

2nd edition 2019)

back in time

More than a hundred years before the era of Alexander the Great

in an area called Frigia

(Asia Minor, modern Turkey) There was a man named Gordius.

Poor rural people

In the forest far from the city

One day Gordius and his wife

unloading crops

Drive in, intending to sell in the city.

As soon as the wagon passed through the city gate

It's a big deal.

The wagon was intercepted to a halt.

Not to mention crops.

Of course, there is no way to continue selling.

But he didn't have to worry about it anymore.

Because the people who stopped him

a person from the royal court

This city has long been prophesied.

There will be people sitting in vehicles

Leading by oxen, and that man was the great king.

that they've been waiting for

Gordius is now king.

Thank you God Sebasios

which he respects a lot

He brought the wagon of good fortune to offer.

Tie the wagon with a special rope.

with intricate knots attached to the temple pillars

People who know stories

Anyone who untie the knot

This is called the Gordian knot.

There will be great fortune

Not just an ordinary king

but will be the ruler of Asia

Over the past hundred years, there have been people who have great wills, trying to unravel this Gordian knot, one after another, but no one has been able to solve it.

333 BC

god alexander

At that time, His Highness was only 23 years old.

that time winter

King Alexander ordered to camp.

Upon hearing the fame of the Gordian knot

went to see

It is said that the mighty Alexander

Trying to solve this knot for a long time, to the point of being "dizzy" for a while, but unable to solve.

thought for a moment

The rule that was later believed to be "fixed" when it was said that according to the rules, it still couldn't be solved.

never mind

He chose a method outside the rules.

He drew his own knife.

and then the teeth snapped down

The Gordian knot that no one can unravel, over a hundred years, has been possible, torn in two before my very eyes.

And then King Alexander continued his army.

Attacked almost all over Asia.

Until India...the story is as predicted.

The one who defeated the Gordian Knot

King of Asia

This story can be thought of from many angles.

Some philosophers say

that creation

Must start with destruction first.

Another bureau from India said that

Every kind of destruction comes after Creation.

No matter what the philosopher thinks

The story of Alexander cutting the Gordian knot

It has become an idiom that means solving or dealing with difficult problems.

In a fast, reckless, violent way.

Some thinkers say

is it possible

The story of the Gordian Knot was made up.

to enhance prestige

glorify the god alexander

to be more prominent

Ajarn Bancha Thanaboonsombat decided by himself, about the story of King Alexander hitting Gordian's knot.

not creative

Or is it something strange...where?

The morals of the warriors or soldiers about the invasion of the country

or revolution

is common

Thai soldiers here we are!

good body

Kilen competes