Hou Youyi, Mayor of New Taipei City, attended the commendation ceremony for firefighting and charity firefighters.

(Photo by reporter He Yuhua)

[Reporter He Yuhua/New Taipei Report] Vice President Lai Qingde’s declaration of running for the chairmanship of the Democratic Progressive Party is regarded as a big step towards challenging the presidency in 2024. , has repeatedly criticized the New Taipei Municipal Government for being worse than every year. New Taipei City Mayor Hou Youyi said today (9) that New Taipei City continues to grow. If everyone has a different understanding, he will listen to public opinion and stand with the people.

Lai Qingde's election as the chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party is expected to become the most popular candidate for the 2024 president of the Democratic Progressive Party. When he helped Lin Jialong in the election, he repeatedly criticized the performance of the New Taipei City Government. Treat Hou Youyi as an imaginary enemy.

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Hou Youyi attended the firefighting and charity fire model commendation meeting this evening and said that New Taipei City has grown continuously over the past few years, and citizens and friends have given us a lot of valuable advice, which has enabled the New Taipei City Government to work hard. As for everyone’s different understanding, he will go to Listen to public opinion, then combine more public opinion, and stand with the public well, so that the tomorrow of New Taipei City will be better.

The media asked if they had a fight with Lai Qingde, who do they think has a better chance of winning?

Hou Youyi said that we all do our best to do things well for this land. As long as we unite and face all challenges, we believe that we can make some achievements; when faced with whether to run in 2024, he still replied, "Everyone Work hard and do good things for this land.”