When we say that the Bulgarian people should be asked, I do not see support for this.

We are not talking about whether to introduce the euro at all, but to postpone it for, say, a hundred years.

As Romania did.

This is what Tsoncho Ganev from "Vazrazhdane

Vazrazhdane is a political party in Bulgaria, established in August 2014. Its chairman". 

According to him, if there are opponents of the referendum, it is because of fear and disrespect for the people.

"We will not attend a meeting with Gabrovski because when we asked him what policies he was thinking of defending, they had nothing to do with Bulgaria's priorities. They are purely economic and not to enter into a military conflict. By donating arms, we are doing exactly that," he believes. 

Kostadin Kostadinov: We need to start renegotiating our EU membership

In his words, "Revival

Vazrazhdane is a political party in Bulgaria, founded in August 2014. Its chairman will do everything possible to collect at least 400,000 signatures for a referendum.


Kostadin Kostadinov