Ukrainian singer

Tonya Matvienko

pleased her fans with the release of a new romantic composition called "



According to Matvienko, with this track she wanted to surprise not only the listeners, but also herself: the vocal parts were not recorded in a manner typical for the singer.

As Tonya recalls, studio work on the track was carried out on February 23, the last day before the start of a full-scale war.

The artist planned the release itself for May as a gift for the birthday of her husband Arsen Mirzoyan.

Presenting the track in December, Matvienko hopes that the song, with its content and playful mood, can lead listeners to warm memories from the past and support the spirit of Ukrainians:

"Yes, it's not spring now and we don't see dandelions, but I want the song "Dandelions" to warm every Ukrainian. Maybe it will bring you back to your youth, where you met your first love. Or in the song, you will recognize yourself in the present - madly in love . Only with the feeling of love do we have hope for a bright future," Matvienko commented on the premiere.

The words and music were written by Ivan Klymenko, who collaborated on the arrangement with Oleksandr Pryshlyak.

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