A 27-year-old female singer from Guatemala disappeared suddenly on the 2nd and was found abandoned in a barrel in the trunk of a car three days later.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Nesly Lizet, a hip-hop female singer in Guatemala, disappeared on the 2nd due to unknown reasons. The body was found abandoned in a bucket in the trunk of a car, and the body was mutilated. Police are still looking for the murderer and his motive.

According to the "Mirror" report, the last place Nessie was seen on the 2nd was in her personal studio in the capital Guatemala. After she left, there was no news from her. After her relatives and friends reported her disappearance, the police launched an investigation. In the early morning of the 5th, a report was received from the public that they found a suspicious vehicle without a license plate. After a search at the scene, it was found that the barrel of the rear compartment of the vehicle contained the body of Nesili who had been brutally dismembered.

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The report pointed out that after the body was examined, it was confirmed that the cause of death of Nesli was a severe blow to the head.

However, it is rumored that in addition to being severely injured on the head, Nesli's body also appears to have been violently beaten, and there is some kind of special liquid in the bucket, but the forensic doctor has not yet confirmed the above details.

The police said that they are still following the line to trace the whereabouts of the murderer and continue to investigate the motive of the crime.

Afterwards, many netizens expressed condolences for Nesli's misfortune on the Internet, and local people also gathered in the street to protest with placards, hoping that the authorities can clearly find out the truth and stop the tragedy from happening again.

#JusticiaparaNeshie Amistades de Nesly Lizet Consuegra Monterroso exigen justicia.

Después de su desaparición el 2 de diciembre, la cantante de 27 años fue asesinada y su cuerpo abandonado en un carro en la zona 3.

Más de 620 mujeres han sido asesinadas en Guatemala en 2022 . pic.twitter.com/HaNPo05Lsy

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