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A student from the "Aleko Konstantinov" school in Plovdiv was attacked and robbed, reports "Maritsa", citing its sources.

The incident took place yesterday at the school.

Older youths pressed him, hit him and took his money, then left.

Aggression again: A rowdy student harasses children in a Varna school

. The police report that the father of the injured student went to file a report in person at the Second District.

He submitted information that older students from another school were harassing the children at "Aleko Konstantinov".

He also said that his son's money was taken. 

The uniformed clarify exactly what happened.

Both sides of the conflict are to be questioned.

An inspection is being carried out, the recordings from video cameras in the school have also been seized.

It is believed to be a conflict between two groups of students that escalated.

Depending on the result of the inspection, the case may also be reported to the prosecutor's office. 

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