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This morning, by order of the specialized prosecutor's office of Montenegro, the special state prosecutor Saša Chagenović was arrested in Podgorica.

In a brief statement, the prosecutor's office spokesman said that Čagenović was arrested on suspicion that in the period 2020-2022 he created a criminal organization and abused his official position.

"The specialized state prosecutor's office will promptly inform the public about its further actions and the progress of the proceedings, and I especially emphasize that state authorities, the media, citizens' associations, members of the public and other persons are obliged to adhere to the presumption of innocence and with their public statements regarding the ongoing proceedings must not violate other rules of the procedure and the rights of the person against whom it is being conducted," Radonich pointed out.

They convicted Otto Pérez Molina for participating in a corruption scheme

Special prosecutor Saša Čagenović is known to the Montenegrin public for the coup trial conducted since 2017 in the Supreme Court in Podgorica, when Russian and Serbian citizens and the leaders of the pro-Russian Democratic Front Andrija Mandić and Milan Knežević were among the defendants.

The indictment was filed by Chagenovic together with the then Chief Special Prosecutor Milivoi Katnich, reports

In 2019, the Supreme Court convicted the defendants at first instance, but the Court of Appeal later overturned this verdict and brought the trial back to the beginning.

Prosecutor Chagenovic continued to represent the coup d'état case against the defendants in the retrial as well.