The four suspects in Gao Dacheng are vicious and have no remorse. They saved even digging and burying people when they killed them. The responsibility may be shifted to the 16-year-old underage suspect.

(Photo by reporter Cai Shuyuan)

[Reporter Cai Shuyuan/Taichung Report] A murder case occurred yesterday (8th) in the No. 7 Cemetery in Xin Community, Taichung City. A 38-year-old man surnamed Lin was found abandoned in the grass. The youngest of the four men involved in the murder was only 16 years old.

Gao Dacheng, a forensic doctor, believes that the suspect may suspect that Lin Nan embezzled the fraudulent money and refused to admit it, but he resisted.

Gao Dacheng said that this group of young people were vicious. After the murder, they publicly dumped the corpse in the cemetery just to vent their anger for a while. They might think it was "just right". It should be blamed on the 16-year-old, and it is suggested that the law should be revised down to 16-year-old minors.

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Gao Dacheng pointed out that it is easy to be found in the cemetery of openly abandoned corpses. The smell of corpses will come out after about 18 to 20 hours after death. Lin Nan has not yet released the smell of corpses, and his death was judged within less than a day.

Now the main thing is to find out the fatal injury, whether there are shoe prints on the abdomen?

If the suspect is taller than the deceased, he will be killed. If the suspect is about the same size as the deceased, or a little shorter, he may attack the abdomen and cause fatal injuries to the abdominal organs.