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In the coming days, changeable weather is expected with irrigation rainfall and sharp temperature anomalies.

Another Mediterranean cyclone will pass over the Balkans, followed by a cold atmospheric front, which will start a cooling process with the potential for snowfall.

Saturday will be mostly cloudy with fog in the morning.

In the course of the day, there will be short-term precipitation in the South and in fewer places in Western Bulgaria.

Warm Mediterranean air will invade and daytime temperatures will be high for December - in the morning between 6 and 11 degrees, in the afternoon between 12 and 17 degrees.

It will remain cooler in the Northwest.

The wind will increase from the south-southwest, and the gusts will be particularly strong in the mountains and on the northern slopes towards the foothills.

Sunday will be cloudy, rainy and windy.

It will rain during the night and from west to east the rain zone will cover the entire country.

Significant amounts of rain will fall in Rila, Pirin and the Rhodopes.

The wind will maintain its direction and will again be particularly strong in the mountains, around them and in the whole of South-Eastern Bulgaria.

Temperatures will remain almost unchanged.

The snow is coming

After the wet but warm weekend, the atmospheric configuration will change sharply on the first day of next week.

A cold atmospheric front will pass, which will noticeably lower the temperatures.

On Monday, temperatures during the day will be between 3-4 degrees in the Northwest and 10-11 around the coast.

After a temporary break overnight and into Monday morning, it will rain again in the afternoon.

In the mountains, as well as in many places in the regions of Western and Northern Bulgaria, there will be conditions for snowfall.

Later in the night, snow will also fall in the Northeast.

Snow cover will remain mostly in the western half of Stara planina and the foothills there.