Accident in front of the factory in Ban Na District, Nakhon Nayok, a truck with 18 tires burst into 4 cars parked on the road, killing 1, injuring 2

with a boyfriend driving a Pajero to wait for him

The car was thrown into the girlfriend who was walking to get in the car.

Compressed with a food truck, died on the spot

On December 8, rescuers saw Ariya.

and rescuing Pa Kha Sub-district Administrative Organization

Inspected the scene in front of a factory in Ban Na District, at km. 110, on the inbound side of Ban Mu 2 District, Suwannasorn Road, Pa Kha Sub-district, Ban Na District, after receiving a report of an 18-wheel truck colliding with a car on the roadside.

There were injuries and deaths at the scene.

Found a white food truck with a red plate, registration number Kor-5627, Bangkok

Was hit by a white Mitsubishi Pajero, registration number 9058, Nakhon Ratchasima, crashed into the side of the car until the food truck crashed into the electric pole and telephone booth.

Area in front of the Mitsubishi Pajero

Found the body of the deceased, 1 young woman, knowing the name of Ms. Nattakarn, 27 years old, a factory worker.

who just finished work with Mr. Aum, a boyfriend who drives a Mitsubishi Pajero

Crying hugging his girlfriend's body

At the same time, there were still two injured in this incident, the first person, named Ms. Phloenphit Kaewmorakot, 48 years old, a barber profession, villagers in Moo 4, Khao Perm Sub-district, Ban Na District, riding a black Honda Wave motorcycle, registration number KorTab 881, Nakhon Nayok. Come and get hit with

Has a broken wound on the face

Rescuers join in gratitude to deliver to Ban Na Hospital

The second person is a woman who owns a food truck shop.

Wounded, bulging, swollen to the face

do not want to go to the hospital

Inquiring about Mr. Chonthit Boonlum or Aum, 30 years old, the boyfriend who sat hugging the corpse sobbed said that he and his girlfriend had handed out cards to get married on December 25th.

He just got off work.

Drive a car to pick up your girlfriend in front of the company.

while about to park to pick up his girlfriend

who had just finished work, walking out in front of the company, suddenly the trailer behind him crashed into his own car.

Until the car spun and crashed into the girlfriend's body, hitting the selling car

The body ducked under the car and died on the spot.

There are motorcycles, bicycles and public phone booths.


while Mr. Nuttawut Saenrat, 49 years old, a 18-wheel trailer driver of Longxin Company

International Logistics Co., Ltd. parked on the road about 500 meters from the scene of the accident, said he drove an empty car from Thai market.

going to Chanthaburi

When he arrived at the scene, there was a car that had already collided and turned into his car.

Causing the car to collide and the accident occurred

In which the police took the trailer driver to investigate at Ban Na Police Station and accelerated the investigation of the incident from CCTV to prosecute the trailer driver further.