Fraud groups create phishing websites to defraud individuals and account information.

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[Reporter Hong Chenhong/Kaohsiung Report] A 50-year-old man surnamed Li in Kaohsiung City needed money urgently because he was unemployed. He found the website of the agency to apply for the bailout subsidy program online. After clicking on the phishing website without verification, he entered his personal and bank account information. Unexpectedly, after the incident, the man surnamed Li received a warning from the bank that his account had been warned, and only then did he realize that he had been defrauded. The account had been remitted to RMB 2,754,000 by other victims.

The Zuoying Sub-bureau pointed out that fraudulent groups created fake websites (such as similar to the official website of the Ministry of Health and Welfare to trick people into filling in names, ID numbers, addresses, uploading "photos of the front and back of ID cards", "bank account numbers", " Internet bank account number, password, "mobile phone number" and "OTP verification code" and other information, so that the public does not suspect him. After filling in, they mistakenly believe that the website is a real website and apply for bailout subsidies. In fact, they are defrauding personal basic information and bank accounts. .

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After Li Nan received the phishing from the fake website, he entered his personal and bank account information on the fake website, and the defrauded group used it as an account to receive the defrauded remittances from other victims, and then used Li Nan's bank account to remit the fraudulent amount to another bank account. Inside, avoiding police investigation.

After checking the account of the man surnamed Li, a total of 2.754 million yuan was remitted by 11 victims. After the bank notified the account of the warning and the victim reported the case, he realized that the account he had entered had been used by a fraud group.

Li Nan was notified by the Zuoying Sub-bureau on the 7th to come to the case. Li Nan said that after receiving the text message, he thought that the government's bailout plan could help the unemployed man spend a period of time, so he entered the account and other information without verification. He felt very regretful. According to the police report, the fraudulent crime letter was sent to the law, and the fraudulent group's capital flow is currently being traced.