The Taoyuan City Council reviewed the 143 billion yuan budget in 3 days, and the Kuomintang group took a group photo after reviewing the budget.

(Photo by reporter Xie Wuxiong)

[Reporter Xie Wuxiong/Taoyuan Report] Taoyuan City Council completed the joint review of Taoyuan City’s 2023 general budget today. It took a total of 3 days to review the budget of 32 bureaus, 12 district offices, affiliated units and the city council. Delete 1 A budget of 149,000 yuan, 15 budgets on hold, and an amount of more than 576 million yuan. In addition to setting a record for the shortest budget review after upgrading, it is also the record for the fewest budgets deleted and put on hold after upgrading.

Since Zhang Shanzheng, the mayor-elect of the Kuomintang, did not ask the city government to withdraw and reorganize the budget, in the future, various political opinions can only be realized through additional budgets. Among them, the tuition-free policy for kindergartens has increased by about 500 million yuan, and the comprehensive nutritional lunch for elementary and middle schools has increased by about 130 million yuan. 100 million yuan, the three-day gift money for the elderly and the Chongyang Respect for the Elderly were raised from 8,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan, an increase of 800 million yuan. In addition, the "1280 Beibeijitao Commuter Monthly Pass" cost 1.1 billion yuan, a total of 3.7 billion yuan.

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Lin Shijie, Director of Accounting and Accounting Division, said that the supplementary budget must have financial resources. Since various welfare expenditures are current expenditures and cannot be financed by debt, in the future, the financial unit must properly plan and dispatch, so as not to affect fiscal discipline.

Taoyuan City's 2023 general budget, with an annual expenditure of 142.991 billion yuan, deducted the shelved and deleted budget, the pass rate was as high as 99.6%, and it also set a record for the least deleted and shelved budget after upgrading; Seriously review the budget, and put aside doubtful budgets until the bureau provides information and review them in the second reading; Huang Jingxi, chief secretary of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that the joint parliamentary review of the budget set a number of records, which also proves that the previous DPP The party government is very strict about the budget. Since Zhang Shanzheng's political views must be implemented through additional budgets, he hopes not to leave debts to his children and grandchildren.

Next year's annual expenditure budget will reach 142.991 billion yuan, which is also the highest in previous years, of which more than 109.8 billion yuan is for the regular sector and 33.1 billion yuan for the capital sector, accounting for 76.79% and 23.21% of the total annual expenditure respectively, of which more than 58.5 billion yuan is spent on education, science and culture The highest yuan is the highest, followed by economic development expenditure of more than 24.6 billion yuan, and social welfare expenditure of more than 24 billion yuan. In the future, with Zhang's good governance policy, welfare expenditure will exceed the economic expenditure budget.