Russian soldiers are looting civilian houses, children's toys and the bodies of the dead, which is reminiscent of the tactics of ISIS militants.

This was stated by Michael Tierre, the representative of the US State Department for European Affairs, the

Voice of America

reports .

He noted that currently it is necessary to check approximately 160 thousand square kilometers of the territory of Ukraine for the presence of mines.

Tierre said that Ukrainians constantly note that the invaders purposefully change the bodies of the killed, civilian houses and even children's toys.

"The appalling use of explosive devices by the Russian military is reminiscent of the tactics of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, where the terrorists tried to kill as many civilians as possible so that people would be afraid to return to their homes," Tierre said.

He also added that demining the territory of Ukraine will be the biggest challenge for sappers since World War II.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the State Department refused to specify

what they would consider the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine


In addition, we previously informed that the permanent representative of the USA to the OSCE, Michael Carpenter, stated that the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin 

is not interested in holding negotiations, but only wants to gain time

 to raise forces and rearm his army for a new attack on Ukraine.

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