Tanzi Liuchuan Drainage Ditch will be constructed and improved.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)

[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung Report] The revetment on the left side of the Tanbei Section of the Liuchuan Drainage Ditch in Tanzi District, Taichung City is still an earth embankment. In recent years, the revetment has gradually collapsed. If there is a heavy rain and the water level rises, there may be a risk of embankment collapse.

After the efforts of legislator Yang Qiongying, city councilor Lai Chaoguo, and the local head of Tanbei Li Lin Juntang, a pre-construction briefing on the bank revetment improvement project was held this morning. The Sanhe Bureau of the Water Conservancy Department raised 17 million yuan to handle bank revetment reinforcement, enhance the beauty of the river bank and design the embankment It is hoped that the rest trail will be completed before next year's flood season to improve the safety of drainage and flooding in the area.

The right bank of the northern section of the Liuchuan Drainage Pool is the Dingwantan Riverside Ecological Corridor, with gurgling water and leisurely schools of fish, while the left bank is currently an earth embankment with miscellaneous trees and bamboos.

Zhang Rongjie, a senior engineer of the Third River Bureau, said that the left bank of the north section of the Liuchuan Drainage Pool is an earth embankment slope. In case of typhoon or heavy rainfall, the water flow will easily wash away the embankment, which will also cause soil erosion on the side of the farmland.

In addition to strengthening the revetment foundation, the project uses grass-planting bricks for slope revetment, taking into account landscape greening, and planning embankment walks. The total cost is about 17 million yuan, which can stabilize the revetment, protect the lives and property of nearby houses and residents, and improve the river bank The environment promotes the overall riparian landscape.

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Lin Juntang, head of Tanbei District, said that there are many elders in the community who may not be able to walk the trails on the left and right banks. He suggested adding a pedestrian bridge connecting the two banks.

Lord Lin, the mayor of Tanzi District, also responded to the addition of bridges and was concerned about the lighting of the trails.

Zhang Zhihui, director of the Third River Bureau, said that maintaining grass on the slope can help slow down the flow of floods and stabilize the soil. However, this section of the river is narrow and the slope protection is relatively steep, so it is not suitable for opening and hydrophilic. The landscape is richer; as for the lighting facilities, power supply lines will be reserved, and city councilors are requested to coordinate with the Municipal Construction Bureau and the District Office to add them.

Yang Qiongying said that she will survey the project three times before and after, and strive for a budget of 17 million yuan. Recently, the contract was awarded without bids from manufacturers, which made her very worried. Sanhe Bureau will continue to process the second contract award, and the bid should be awarded smoothly. Construction started a year ago and will be completed before the flood season next year.

Pre-construction briefing for bank revetment improvement project of Tanbei Section of Liuchuan Drainage Ditch in Tanzi District.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)