The Security Service of Ukraine detained the "energy company" that cut off the electricity supply to the district center in Donetsk region in order to redirect the light to the occupying "administration", military bases and warehouses with weapons of the Russian Federation.

This was reported by the SBU press service.

According to the investigation, a resident of de-occupied Lyman supported the Russians during the temporary occupation.

For this, he was appointed head of the "RES Krasnolymansky District", which was subordinated to the so-called "Ministry of Coal and Energy", created by the militants of Donetsk region. 

Photo: SBU

In this position, the man "disconnected" the district center from the power supply and redirected it to the needs of the occupation groups of the Russian Federation.

He also cooperated with representatives of the "regional energy supply company" of temporarily occupied Horlivka to carry out technical measures and recruit "staff".

In this way, the Russian occupiers managed to provide electricity to their occupation authorities, military bases and warehouses with weapons and ammunition.

After Lyman's release, the man tried to flee the city, but he was detained by SBU officers.

He was notified of the suspicion under Part 4 of Art.

111-1 (collaborative activity) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. 

We will remind you that a 72-year-old man was convicted in Berdychev, 

Zhytomyr region

 , who glorified the occupying forces of the Russian army.

The court sentenced him to imprisonment for three years with a probationary period of one and a half years.

A laptop was also confiscated from the pensioner.

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