The Russians again attacked civilian objects in the Sumy Oblast, using barrel artillery and mortars to hit farms and hospitals in several villages of the Khotyn border community.

Miraculously, there were no human casualties, but the livestock could not be saved from the occupiers' heavy fire, TSN reports. 

"There are many parishes and they are getting closer and closer to the village and the last one is in the center of the village.

We hid behind a firebox, and then as soon as it started flying here - let's go to the basement, to the bomb shelter," - say the locals.

 This time the kindergarten survived, only the windows were broken by debris, but the transformer was destroyed.

The local cow farmer felt all the fury of the occupiers - he was simply blown away by mortars.

17 animals died, the same number were injured.

"This is the third time they are firing at him, but this time they have already hit the dairy hall in the cowshed, 15 cows have already been slaughtered, and they will slaughter them again, because many were beaten and many were injured," says the head of the Khotyn community, Mykola Toryanyk. 

Even in the village, the Rashists bombed the dispensary, after which they released 13 mines and 4 shells from self-propelled artillery installations.

"People are all shocked, you understand that this is such a remote settlement on the border, what is a family doctor - he is a golden person, he is an asset, no one wants to go here to work, but we made these conditions and bought a new car, and now there is no dispensaries are everything," adds the chairman in despair.  

What the shells did not destroy, the fire destroyed.

Among the ruins on the ashes, the family doctor is looking for the remains of documentation and equipment.

Part of it, he says, was saved during the fire thanks to the villagers.

"People reacted quickly, to help quickly carry out everything they managed to do - first of all, medical documentation, equipment, medicines.

There was a direct hit in the right part of the room where the pharmacy was located, everything was completely burnt," says the doctor. 

Doctor Serhii came here two years ago, right after his studies.

The community provided him with everything he needed - renovated premises, necessary equipment and medical preparations - everything, if only he would stay in the village.

"The settlement is far from the city, transport connections are difficult, therefore the dispensary was very important for the local community, providing everything necessary - medical diagnosis, treatment, examination and so on.

Visits were made to villages where there are currently no medical facilities, where patients were consulted.

Seeing the consequences is hard on the heart, because so much effort was invested in this work," says the doctor.  

 However, neither the doctor nor the head of the community are going to fold their hands.

They want to move the survivors to another building in order to partially restore the work of the dispensary, and after the victory, everything that was destroyed by the invaders will be rebuilt.

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