The Bulgarian Association of Restaurants and the Association of Restaurants in Bulgaria consider yesterday's decision of the Budget Committee as responsible statesmanship, which approved in the second reading changes to the VAT Law, with which the 9 percent VAT rate for restaurants, tour operators, transport services, sports facilities and tourist services will continue to operate in the coming year.

This decision will help the Bulgarian business to take a breath of air in these difficult and uncertain times, the two organizations announced in their press release. 

Will food and drink prices fall if VAT on them is reduced?

They thank the proposers of the proposal, Krasen Kralev, Kiril Ananiev and a group of people's representatives, as well as all the political forces that supported it in the committee - GERB, PP, DPS, "Vazrazhdane", BSP and "Bulgarian Rise". 

In this way, almost all parties represented in the parliament united in support of the businesses most affected by the crisis and showed that they can put aside their differences on important topics for society.

We sincerely hope that this is a step towards easing the political tension and finding solutions for the stable management of Bulgaria, the organizations indicate. 

Yesterday, the parliamentary Committee on Budget and Finance allowed the temporarily reduced tax rate of 9 percent for restaurant services and those related to the use of sports facilities to apply for next year as well.