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The Territorial Planning Law excludes regional governors from attacking decisions of municipal councils related to the General Development Plan.

This is how the regional governor of Plovdiv, Angel Stoev, answered the question of whether he will return the General Development Plan of the city, writes "24 chasa".

Such appeals were addressed to him by those who disagreed with the document recently adopted by the local parliament, which defines the development of Plovdiv in the next 15-20 years.

"We reviewed the decision voted on November 24. It was adopted by a majority," the regional administration said in a statement.

Then 39 councilors said "yes" to the General Development Plan against the required 26.

And they clarified that by law the municipal council is the local legislative body, whose members are directly elected by the citizens of Plovdiv.

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In relation to it, the regional governor is not a superior administrative authority.

He has the opportunity to exercise control only according to legality regarding the acts of the municipal councils.

According to Stoev, only affected parties can appeal the plans.

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