The Deputy City Prosecutor from the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office, Hristo Krastev, gave information to the media on the occasion of yesterday's joint action by the Prosecutor's Office and the State Police to break up an organized criminal group (OCG) that assisted the entry of illegal migrants into the country.

"It is about an organized criminal group that helped foreign citizens illegally cross the border of the Republic of Bulgaria and reside on its territory, with the aim of leaving for Western Europe," explained Krastev.

As a result of the joint activity of the prosecutor's office and the GDBOP, numerous searches and seizures were carried out, as well as searches and interrogations of witnesses.

GDBOP with a blow against the sewer industry

The supervising prosecutor analyzed the evidence collected by the GDBOP and came to the conclusion that evidence was collected for seven individuals who participated in this organized crime group, one of them being its leader.

By tomorrow at the latest, a request for a permanent measure of involuntary detention will be submitted, added the deputy city prosecutor.

He also pointed out that five of the persons have a criminal record, having been convicted multiple times for various crimes.

One of them in 2019 was part of another organized crime group for the distribution of narcotic substances.

Stay tuned for details!